Ginseng for Testosterone Boosting

Ginseng as a Testosterone BoosterWhen most people hear of Ginseng the first thing that comes to mind is its use as a memory booster and also as an overall wellness aid. What most don’t know, however, is that it is a great testosterone booster for men and it is even used to cure erectile dysfunction. So what exactly is Ginseng and how does it work? This article also looks at other Ginseng benefits and side effects.

Ginseng as a Testosterone Booster

Ginseng comes from the root of a slow growing plant that is native to some parts of Asia. It was first used in ancient China where the name literally means legs of a man, perhaps because the roots are indeed shaped like legs. It was mostly used by the ruling dynasties and they liked it because of its healing and rejuvenating powers. In addition to that it had great trading powers it was exchanged for all kinds of goods including silk. Over the centuries, Ginseng was eventually transported to other parts of the world and today the plant is grown in several varieties.

Its effectiveness as a testosterone booster comes from the fact that it is packed full of nitric oxide. This is the stuff that allows your blood vessels to open wide for better blood circulation. Better blood circulation means better erections and as you may already know, every time a man has an erection it boosts testosterone levels significantly. Ginseng also lowers blood glucose levels. Men who have too much blood glucose usually have low testosterone and this leads to inability o get erections and also to sustain them. By lowering blood glucose levels testosterone levels are naturally boosted.

There have been many studies, both human and animal, that support the fact that Ginseng is effective in increasing testosterone levels and also enabling better erections.

How Much Ginseng Should You Take?

Dosage is very important if you want Ginseng to work for you. If you are taking the crude root itself you should take between 1 and 2 grams a day for only 3 months. After this your body will already be producing testosterone by itself without the need for a boost. If you are taking an extract of the root, as most people do, you should take between 100 and 400 milligrams a day.

The brand of Ginseng that you take is also very important. It is said that the best kind comes from Korea. The problem, however, is that up to 25% of all the Ginseng brands available today are fake. You should look at the amount of Ginseng that is present in any brand that you are considering. It is also worthwhile to look online and see what other men are saying what brand seems to have the most satisfied users?

Other Ginseng Benefits

Like many other herbs, Ginseng has a lot of benefits. Some of the most common ones include:

It is a great way to boost energy and get rid of fatigue. If you often feel tired you should try taking some Ginseng extract at least once a day. After a short while you will start to feel a lot better.

Studies have shown that it has a great effect on cognition. It can help your memory, it helps you to focus and you even learn better. This is supported by studies, one published in The Cochrane Library Study on Ginseng and another in the Journal of Dairy Science study on Ginseng. It was found to be so effective that a recommendation was made to include it in some American foods. Today, you can buy milk that is fortified with Ginseng.

Ginseng will improve your ability to fight diseases because it contains an ingredient called ginsenosides that aid the immune system.

Communities that live in Ginseng growing areas seem to have lower occurrence of cancer. There have been studies to see whether Ginseng prevents cancer but there isn’t a conclusive one yet.

What are Ginseng Side Effects?

For those who are just starting to get Ginseng, you should know that it is a relatively harmless herb if taken in the right quantities. That said, some people have reported:

  • Mild headaches
  • An elevated heart rate
  • Some nausea and sometimes an upset stomach
  • Restlessness and difficulty falling and staying asleep

Who Should Not Take Ginseng?

Yes people who have stomach ulcers or any kind of heart condition should not take Ginseng before consulting with their doctor. There have been no studies to show how it interacts with fetuses so pregnant women should also not take it.


Ginseng is a natural way for men to elevate their testosterone levels and also improve their erections. So long as you take the right brand at the recommended usage there are no severe side effects to be expected. Do you research on testosterone booster supplements that have ginseng… like anything, there are good ones and bad ones. [hr]



Shakeology is an extremely popular diet plan that is being included as a major or supplemental part to a wide variety of weight loss plans. Shakeology itself is meal replacement plan where a high vitamin, high mineral shake or smoothie takes the place of a full meal. Some people don’t replace a meal, but they use it as a way to keep digestion and their metabolism healthy and stave off the junk food cravings.

The truth is that with the increased energy and overall health benefits that come with Shakeology shakes, they work just as well as a healthy energy supplement, as a great jolt for a major workout, or as a meal replacement plan to help cut down on the calories and lose excess weight and fat. Some major and well-known diet plans like the ever-popular Beachbody or Team Beachbody programs use Shakeology as a major part of their weight loss plans.

What Benefits Does Shakeology Offer?

The benefits that Shakeology offers are directly tied to the Shakeology ingredients. A major part of the reason that this particular meal supplement works so well is that it isn’t just a simple protein shake that focuses on one relative area of health or just one dietary boost. It’s the full combination of various minerals, vitamins, and boosters that make Shakeology so popular and so effective.

There are many benefits to this program. A quick list includes:

  • Better digestion
  • Protein for building and rebuilding muscles
  • Healthy skin, nails, and hair
  • Steady blood sugar
  • Nutrients to help reduce overall stress and anxiety
  • Improves brain function
  • Keeps you feeling full
  • Better energy

This is just a shortened bullet point list of some of the many benefits that Shakeology has to offer. The plus side of the wide combination of ingredients that come together to make Shakeology mixtures is that the help isn’t just limited to one type of need. If an athlete wants to help boost their workouts to become more muscular, Shakeology offers exceptional benefits. If an overweight individual wants to lose weight while feeling good and staying healthy, Shakeology is a great program.

Shakeology Ingredients Are Where It’s At

The incredible variety of ingredients is what makes Shakeology such an amazing addition to any diet plan.

  • First there are the proteins and amino acids. There are no less than six ingredients that make up the protein section and help individuals build lean muscle, have a healthy appearance, heal from injury, and even increase mental clarity. All this while helping to reduce appetite.
  • There are eight antioxidant ingredients, including the always-popular green tea. These ingredients have been shown to help improve overall health, especially circulatory and heart health. Antioxidants also help get rid of any free radicals in the body, thus helping health in a variety of ways.
  • There are 11 Shakeology ingredients that fall under the category of green superfoods – also referred to as Phytonnutrients, – and these have a variety of amazing benefits. Some of the most well known benefits include boosting immunity, slows aging, and detoxifying the system.
  • Eight more ingredients fall under the adaptogen group, including basil leaf and Maca root, among others. These are plant types help to balance hormones in the body and have been shown to have an also have an outstanding ability to help people fight off the harmful effects of stress.
  • Pea fiber and yacon root make up the prebiotic ingredients in Shakeology. These ingredients create better overall health of the intestines and help further stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

The formula also contains an excellent and well-rounded digestive enzymes profile. This not only helps digestion but can even help the body absorb more vitamins and nutrients from other foods.

These are the main ingredients in Shakeology, and show how the combination of them all truly goes above and beyond what you expect out of an ordinary diet or exercise shake.


Shakeology is a fantastic part of a wide variety of healthy eating and diet plans. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle, lose weight, feel healthier overall, or all of the above, these shakes will go a long way towards making it happen.

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